5 Reasons The New York Jets Are Poised To Make A Playoff Push In 2020.

AJ Swiatek, Contributing Reporter

As many Jets fans know times have been tough, especially amidst a nine-season playoff drought. Coming into the season many fans had playoffs on their minds, but no one knew just how injury-plagued this New York jets team would truly become. Luckily for the Jets, they will be back to full strength heading into next season and have lots of money to spend on free agents, as well as the high draft capital.

Many fans have jumped ship on Sam Darnold (the 22-year-old quarterback from USC), and are ready to move on, but Darnold has shown way too much talent.

“Darnold makes some throws that just leave you saying wow. That one on Thursday night to Crowder in the endzone, just showed the true potential he has” said Jake Voegte, an avid NFL watcher from PMSA.

Not only can Darnold make all of the throws, but his biggest mistakes [turnovers] are one of the few things a good coaching staff can help fix.

“Some throws he makes are ugly, but many are decision making, not just mechanics like what you see from guys like Murray and Haskins,” sophomore Will Sieganthaler said.

Adam Gase, who is the coach of the New York Jets has been the butt of many jokes this season from fans, and bystanders alike. However, after watching the film, it is evident that Adam Gase brings many things to the field that Jets fans have been begging for for years.

“Not many people know that the Jets are honestly one of the most explosive teams in football. You look down, then look up and see Anderson down the field for an 80-yard catch,” sophomore Charlie Bianchi said.

Adam Gase was a hot commodity following his work on Peyton Manning in Denver, so, who is to say he cannot work his magic again on Sam Darnold? Adam Gase is also slowly starting to cater to the offense more and more towards Darnold’s strengths, which is a clear step in the right direction.

“Gase shaped Manning into who he was, so who says he can’t do the same to Darnold?” junior Dane Emmerich said.

Adam Gase is not the only overlooked staff member of the Jets, as they have Gregg Williams, who is quickly gaining steam as a top 5 defensive coordinator in the league. Gregg Williams calls a blitz on 39.2% of plays which keeps quarterbacks, and offenses as a whole guessing. 

“In hindsight, Williams was the man for the job in Cleveland, but for once it seems the Jets caught a break by getting their defensive coordinator for years to come,” sophomore Pantelis Stamatopoulos said.

Gregg Williams has also done an amazing job with nothing. The Jets are set to only have one player who started the season as a starter (Marcus Maye safety from Florida) play every game this season (barring he does not get hurt in their final two affairs either). Gregg Williams has had players from the Practice Squad starting all season and has groomed many in what seem to be potential starters for the Jets in coming seasons, including Arthur Maulet, Blessaun Auston, and Foley Fatukasi.

“There are times you watch the Jets and look on the field and think, I do not know any of them,” Bianchi said.

Although the Jets have withstood many injuries this season, many free agents are available to help fill holes. Some of these free agents include Byron Jones and Amari Cooper of the Cowboys, and Brandon Scherff of the Redskins.

“This free-agent class is special, especially in the secondary, offensive line, and star receivers, which happen to be large needs of the Jets,” Voegtle said.

This season has shown how pivotal good free agent signings are to turn a franchise around for teams like the Ravens, Bills, and 49ers. Luckily for the Jets, this is their first free agency period with a great GM since the seventies.

“After the Bills clinched the playoffs last night [following Sunday’s win over the Steelers] it really shows how big of an impact-free agency can, and will have on a team,”  Stamatopoulos said.

Douglas was with the Eagles when they dethroned the Patriots for a Superbowl victory and has illustrated time and time again he knows how to grow a winning culture.

“It is always good to have a guy who knows what it is like to win,” junior Bobby Hessling said.

Finally, Douglas will be the man of the show in charge of the Jet’s very important draft this season. The Jets are currently picking sixth, and have a shot of drafting a franchise-changing player. This is not the first time the stars have aligned for the Jets to drastically improve their team at the sixth slot, as just two years ago the Jets drafted their best player  Jamal Adams (Adams not only had an immediate impact but was also the top vote receiving player for his position in the Pro Bowl.)

“Looking at the talent in this year’s draft, there is enough star power to instantly turn a franchise around,” Emmerich said.