Superbowl Sunday: a match-up for the ages


Photo courtesy of the AP

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes reacts after scoring a touchdown during an NFL, AFC Championship football game.

Anthony Lapiana, Reporter

In this edition of the Superbowl, LIV, the Kansas City Chiefs (14-4) and the San Francisco 49ers (15-3) will face off against each other Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020, in a very anticipated match.

The Superbowl is hands down the most viewed sporting event in sports history. But this year, I believe that it’s going to have an all-time high in viewers. I mean think about it; it’s about time that the Patriots are out of the Superbowl. And I feel a lot of people, or at least in the Elmhurst community, may feel the same way. It gets boring and repetitive when you see the same darn team back in the Superbowl over and over and over again. To have two teams that haven’t been to the Superbowl in quite some time makes it all the more interesting, not to mention that many anchors and websites didn’t predict these two teams facing off. The last Superbowl victory for the Chiefs was Superbowl IV in 1970, and the last Superbowl victory for the 49ers was Superbowl XXIX in 1995.

With these two teams in the Superbowl, it brings back memories of how to dominate these teams used to be in league history. Former 49ers players Joe Montana and Jerry Rice won title after title, and former Chiefs Marcus Allen and Bobby Bell dominated the field on both sides of the ball. This type of dominance from these teams hasn’t been shown in decades. Is this the start of another dynasty these teams have had in the past?

This year, the Chiefs have been commanding the field with star quarterback and last year’s MVP Patrick Mahomes. Although he was injured earlier this season, he still put up unbelievable numbers and gave the Chiefs a first-round bye in the playoffs. Looking at the Chiefs depth chart, they have a serious advantage on the offensive side. Starting with Mahomes to tight end Travis Kelce, and wide receiver Tyreek Hill and running back Damien Williams. These four players are the X factor in the Chiefs. Kelce, Hill and Mahomes have a combined 11 Pro-Bowl appearances (meaning they have been selected but due to playoffs do not actually play in the Pro-Bowl).

“I feel like Mahomes is better under pressure compared to [49ers quarterback] Jimmy Garoppolo,” senior Tysen Grzywa said.

But there might be a whole other reason the Chiefs want this victory, and it’s not the rings.

“We all know that Andy wants a Big Mac at the White House,” senior Daniel Klysh said. “There’s no way he’s not telling his team that he needs to have a McDonald’s burger in the White House.”

On the other hand, the 49ers defense has been lights out this year. ranked the 49ers first for the best defense in the 2019-2020 season; there’s no reason they shouldn’t be.

They produced stats that many great defenses haven’t achieved. This season, the 49ers were: first in scoring defense with 15.3 points per game, third in forced fumbles with 12, ninth in interceptions with 12, tenth in sacks with 23, and first in rushing defense with 73.2 allowed per game.

All of this comes from players such as defensive ends Nick Bosa and Arik Armstead with the help of cornerback Richard Sherman. The offense is strong too; tight end George Kittle has been a problem for the opposition all year, crumpling defenses and turning men into little boys like no one’s business.

“I would choose San Francisco [to win] because they are the underdogs and haven’t been talked about this year that much,” junior Boyd Puckett said.

All in all, this year Superbowl is going to be one for the ages and an absolute clash between some of the top offense and top defense in the league. This will all unfold the night of Feb. 2, 2020. Place your bets wisely and pick the most squares as possible; good luck to both teams.

Jimmy Garoppolo celebrating the victorious win for the NFC Championship. Photo courtesy of CBS Sports.