Raising awareness for Down Syndrome in October

Raising awareness for Down Syndrome in October

October is here and that means we have a whole lot of events to celebrate. There’s Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness, Pumpkin Spice Lattes…. yet there are other events that we don’t often celebrate. Such an event that begs to be recognized is Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month was created to advocate the acceptance, inclusion, and value of people with Down Syndrome as well as raise awareness for people with Down Syndrome.

As the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) states, “It is a month to celebrate abilities, not disabilities.”

“We call them ‘people with Down Syndrome’ and not ‘Down Syndrome people,’ because they’re just like us but unique in their own way. Too many people view them for their disabilities and not their abilities.” said Mrs. Murphy, an Interim Special Education Supervisor.

York High School continues to celebrate by helping teenagers with special needs develop to advance in life. In the near future, York will have their very own Special Needs Basketball team. York High School also has clubs that support teenagers with special needs like Autism Society Club and Circle of Friends.

You can celebrate Down Syndrome awareness month in many different ways. Wear blue and yellow, the NDSS official colors. You can join the Buddy Walk Program, where all types of people can walk to raise money and awareness, emailing the Buddy Walk Staff at [email protected] to find a walk near you. Maybe you want to share your story or someone else’s; if so, you can join the My Great Story Campaign. You can upload your story or someone else’s on the NDSS website. There are also fundraisers you can create or participate.

Perhaps you want to make a bigger impact; therefore, becoming an advocate for NDSS would be a better option for you. You can also buy Down syndrome awareness straws or simply educate your family and friends about Down Syndrome Awareness month.

Nonetheless, Down Syndrome Awareness Month shouldn’t just be celebrated in October, it should be celebrated every month. It should extend to not only people with Down syndrome, but to people with any form of special needs.