The Chaos Among The NFL

We are now ten weeks into the NFL season, and this season has been wild. This year the Packers suck, the reigning Super Bowl champions are last in their division and New York teams are good. The NFC East has gone from the worst division ever to the best in the NFL. The playoff race is as close as ever and teams are changing every week. 


The favorites. This year there is no clear favorite. Many teams are battling it out right now trying to get the number one seed and a first round bye. In the AFC the Kansas City Chiefs are in first place with a 9-3 record but many teams are right behind them. The Miami Dolphins who haven’t made the playoffs since 2016 are right behind them with a record of 8-4 with a great young team lead by MVP conedict Tua Tagovailoa, and new head coach Mike McDanles. The Buffalo Bills who are the betting favorite to win the SuperBowl are 9-3. The Bills have lost two heartbreakers vs the New York Jets and the Minnesota Vikings. In both of these games the Bills went into the final drive down by only three points but turned it over in both games. In the NFC the Eagles are in first place with a record of 11-1. Two weeks ago they were the only undefeated team, but got upset by the Washington Commanders on Monday Night Football. The Eagles are led by Jalen Hurts who has taken a huge leap in his third season in the NFL. Another big part of this success has been A.J Brown. The Eagles traded for Brown in the offseason and he has been the wide receiver one this team needed. Brown has 49 catches for 785 yards and 6 touchdowns. The 49ers are another SuperBowl favorite in the NFC. They are 8-4 but have one of the best rosters if not the best in football. They traded for star running back Christian McCaffrey at the trade deadline. The 49ers have also dealt with many injuries holding this team back. They were without maybe the best offensive lineman in football Trent Williams for the many weeks and also pro bowl Wide receiver Deebo Samuel. If this team gets hot and stays healthy they will probably be the favorite to win it all. 


Is New York good again? This year both the Jets and Giants are in the playoff picture. The Giants are 7-4-1 while the Jets are 7-5. The last time the Giants made the playoffs was 2016. The last time the Jets made the playoffs was 2010. The last time both of these teams made the playoffs the same year was 2006. This was not supposed to be the case this year though. The Jets were projected to only have 5 wins at the start of the season and the Giants were projected to have only 7 wins. The Jets draft class has played a major role in this success. They drafted Ahmad “Sauce” Gardener with the 4th overall pick in last year’s draft. He is already one of the best defensive backs in the league already in his first season. They also took Wide receiver Garrett Wilson with the 10th pick who has already taken over as the teams wide receiver one. The Giants recent success has mostly been on new head coach Brian Dabble and the star running backs Saquon Barkley. Barkley who was injured last season is the favorite to win the Comeback Player of The Year award. Barkley has 953 rushing yards which is second in the NFL


What happened to the veteran Quarterbacks? The Quarterbacks we thought would be around for forever are starting to slow down. Aaron Rodgers who many say is the most talented Quarterback of all time is having a rough year after losing star wide receiver Devonte Adams. Rodgers has won back to back MVPs and is starting to slow down. The Packers have a record of 5-8 and Rodgers stats have been subpar. Rodgers has 19 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. In his MVP seasons he only threw 9 interceptions combined. Veteran Quarterback Matt Stafford who is coming off a SuperBowl win is also struggling. The Rams are 3-9 and last in the NFC WEST. Stafford is having the worst season since 2012. He almost has as many interceptions as he does touchdowns with a ratio of 10 touchdowns to 8 interceptions. The Rams were picked to win the NFC west and were picked to be at the top of the entire NFC. The Rams lost a lot on the offensive line and defense but Stafford hasn’t been the same since his offseason surgery. Even the GOAT Tom Brady is struggling this year. The Bucs are only 5-6 after coming off a 13-4 season last year. These veteran Quarterbacks might have started to slow down.


Looking forward to next year. Some teams have given up and are tanking to try and get a better pick in the upcoming draft. Teams are trying to get franchise changing Quarterbacks Bryce Young, CJ Strout, and Will Levis. Teams like the Texans, Raiders, Panthers, and Lions are trying to lose so they can get the higher draft pick to draft one of these stud Quarterbacks. The Bears and Jaguars already have their stud Quarterback so they are trying to protect them in a guy like Peter Skoronski who is an athletic tackle out of Northwestern. The rest of the NFL is either competing for the playoffs or doesn’t have a high first round pick.