Game night at Brewpoint


All images courtesy of Danielle Fite

This Thursday, April 21, Brewpoint Coffee invites York students to join them at game night–a night for friends to get together, play board games, and have great coffee.

“Games bring up an entirely different context, where you get to know people in a different way: how they make decisions, how they strategize, and you see quirks about them. I’ve found that games really help me get to know people in a way that’s really safe and fun,” shares Melissa, who owns the shop with her husband Angelo and is passionate about making Brewpoint a unique, comfortable and safe space for the Elmhurst community.IMG_6688

“We and our friends play board games maybe every other day, and it’s a way to really connect people,” Melissa says.

This insight into the creation of game night also shows the care and personal touches that have been put into the space.

“My favorite thing about Brewpoint is how they not only have killer drinks, but how the people here are so kind and open to just getting to know each other, and really valuing relationships,” adds York student Erin Stone. “You know the people and you get to connect with them with something that isn’t driven by a hierarchy.”

From 5pm-7pm during the promotion, Brewpoint will have a 50 percent discount on all specialty drinks. Creatively named after notable explorers, stop in for a discount on the Amelia Earhart, a honey and cinnamon espresso, or The Bartolome, Brewpoint’s signature drink.  

Visit Brewpoint this Thursday to experience the Brewpoint community, have some great, discounted coffee, and challenge your friends to a board game while you’re there.

“We’re providing a safe place for people, like York High School students, to interact, to form community, and for it to be a place where parents can be like, ‘Yeah, go over there!’ It’s fun,” Melissa said. 

Brewpoint is located at 124 W Park Ave. Elmhurst, IL 60126, and you can find more information on their website: