Elmhurst welcomes new Bacci’s location

A new addition has been added to the innumerable amount of restaurants in Uptown Elmhurst: Chicago’s very own Bacci’s Pizza.

Jumbo Slice shown in the varieties: the Bacci Lady, (front), the Supreme, (right), and cheese (left).
The different types of Jumbo Slice Pizza are displayed in comparison to the size of a hand as follows: the Bacci Lady, (front), the Supreme, (right), and cheese (left).

Being “The Home of the Jumbo Slice”, Bacci’s opened its very first Elmhurst location earlier this month next to the Starbuck’s on York Road. The small and inviting business attracts with hearty appetites with their variety of monstrous pizza slices, baked to a perfect crisp.

“The Jumbo Slice is a big attraction,” said employee and junior, Shane Cassidy. “It’s all freshly made and you can see it go back in the oven.”

Though the restaurant known for their pizza, Bacci’s also offers many different dishes and appetizers, welcoming anyone in need of satisfying hunger.  

“The pizza is definitely the main seller”, said Cassidy, “but every one of the sandwiches are really good, and the salads too.”

The restaurant, with 11 locations, carries family run business values and knows it’s about more than just the taste of the pizza.

“The staff was really sociable and it seemed like a good business,” said Will Corrado, senior. “I thought it was really good compared to all the other pizza places in Elmhurst.”

The central location adds to the convenience and potential popularity for the restaurant in the future. Those who have yet to try it are likely to stumble in at some point.

An inside look of Elmhurst's new Bacci's location.
An inside look of Elmhurst’s Bacci’s location.

“I go uptown all the time, said Gina Westphal, freshman. “I’ll definitely go try it with my friends.”

Although Elmhurst’s Bacci’s location has only been up and running for less than a month, York students have already reported positive findings regarding their overall experience.

“I would give it four and a half stars out of five,” said Charlie Carroll, freshman. “The size of the pizza for the prices was pretty good, and it did taste good.”

Stop in to the new Bacci’s Pizza and decide for yourself.