Meet the Kings of the Couch: Pokedukes


Nate Swanson

Seniors (from left) Matt Schlitter, Brendan Chaltin, Nick Incandela and Chris Lahey of Pokédukes gotta catch ’em all- whether it be Pokémon or the votes of their peers in the King of the Couch competition.

Taking their love for Pocket Monsters and school spirit to the extreme, Seniors Nick Incandela, Chris Lahey, Brendan Chaltin and Matthew Schlitter have brought the world of Pokemon to York’s campus.

Q: What inspired your group?

A: Well, we love York and we love Pokemon. That’s pretty much it to be honest.

Q: Besides going to football games and dressing up, what do you do to spread school spirit?

A: Everyday we take advantage of going to practices of every sport and we love attending club meetings too.

Q: Why does your group deserve to win King of the Couch this year?

A: Because we are the most spirited group!