Meet the Kings of the Couch: Holy Dukes


Members of King of the Couch group Holy Dukes (from left) Ryan Costello, Ben St. Clair, Tyler Sidoryk and Aidan Gawne are blessing York students with Duke Spirit.

Holy cow! Seniors Tyler Sidoryk, Ryan Costello, Aidan Gawne and Ben St. Clair bring the Holy Spirit and school spirit to YHS with their King of the Couch group Holy Dukes.

Q: What inspired your group?

A: We’re all pretty spirited, we all love the school and we thought this would be a great opportunity to get together and pump up some underclassmen who don’t usually wouldn’t go the games.

Q: Besides going to football games and dressing up, what do you do to spread school spirit?

A: Through humor and music. We try to get involved in clubs even when it’s not on Fridays, and we go to various practices everyday of the week.

Q: Why does your group deserve to win King of the Couch this year?

A:  We have the most spirit and we put in the most work. We wake up Holy Dukes, we go to sleep Holy Dukes, forever Holy Dukes.