Meet the Kings of the Couch: Total Duke Move


Nate Swanson

Total Duke Move, a King of the Couch group consisting of (from left) Stephy Tompos, Hadley Brown, Amber Hawkins and Jalissa Vargas, plans on spreading Duke Pride all around York in the weeks leading up to Homecoming!

Seniors Stephy Tompos, Jalissa Vargas, Amber Hawkins and Hadley Brown want to teach York the Greek alphabet AND the importance of school spirit with their frat-themed group Total Duke Move!

Q: What inspired your group?

A: The phrase “total frat move” was what inspired the name, but we really did this for the school spirit and the people!

Q: Besides going to football games and dressing up, what do you do to spread school spirit?

A: We spread a good example of what good school spirit is, as well as we try to get to know our classmates and peers.

Q: Why does your group deserve to win King of the Couch this year?

A: Not only are we doing this for ourselves, but to make everyone’s school year better!