Dukes put their knowledge to the test at Trivia Night

Erin Quaid


The winning team Joey Tribianni gears up for the next round of questions.

Erin Quaid and Elly Fitzgerald

While the idea of a local Trivia Night may not excite the average high schooler, Student Council’s version of this timeless competition is anything but typical. From the moment students stepped foot into the commons last Tuesday night, competitiveness was in the air. Teams put their heads together and faced off for the grand title of Trivia Night Champion.

On Tuesday, Feb. 12, Student Council hosted their first Trivia Night of the second semester. Three teams competed to win t-shirts and a Portillo’s gift card. The theme of the night was “Chicago”, so teams answered a variety of questions about their home city. 

“People should come to Trivia Night because it’s awesome coming out with your friends, and really there’s no pressure,” senior Will Ahern said. “No one’s here to judge you; everyone is here just to have a good time. I love the adrenaline rush that comes with each round. It’s the best feeling to find out you got the right answer on a question you were struggling with.”

Student Council organizes and runs the event three times a semester. All questions are written and chosen by council members themselves. Questions range from world events, pop culture and even to food.

“We have a lengthy process we use to make our questions,” Trivia Night committee chair Steve Chornij said. “First, we create a committee who plans the event,  each member is given a category to make questions for and each person in the committee revises, edits and adds new questions to make sure they are unbiased. Finally, our advisors do a final check to make sure we have a variety of questions that are easier and harder.”

Although Trivia Night is hosted at York and run by Student Council, the night is open to anyone in the community who wishes to test their knowledge. The group Joey Tribbiani included York students and their mothers who just wanted to come out and have fun on a Wednesday night. Their main focus was to defend their title as Trivia Night Champions and bring down the other groups. Luckily for them, the night was a success.

“We’re super excited about our second win this year,” sophomore Ellen Freund, a member of Joey Tribbiani, said. “We believe our success comes from praying or meditating between each round.”

Student Council will be hosting another trivia night on Wednesday, March 18 in the commons. Trivia Night regulars and Student Council are hoping that many people will come out!

“Trivia Night is all about people coming together to really test their knowledge of the world, [use] what they learn in and out of the classroom and get competitive,” senior Johnny Brennan said. “I really recommend that students get a group of their friends together and come out to compete next month.”