Fashion Week: What it’s all about

Nicole Miller show, 2016 NYFW

Falling leaves, the iconic Starbucks* Pumpkin Spiced latte, Friday night football games, and the newly cool temperatures are things that everyone embraces as September rolls around. But what about the new line of thigh-high Stuart Weitzman boots? Or that knit sweater you’re itching to tear off your body as soon as you leave school, but can’t help to leave it on because of the burst of compliments it brought you throughout the day? Bottom line is that if you’re a part of the Fashion Industry or you’re just a “trend junkie”, September rolling around has one thing on your mind: FASHION WEEK.

Whether it be New York, London, Milan, or Paris, whether you’re a designer or a model, watching from front row, or behind the runway, people within the industry have these weeks etched into their calendars months before the events begin to roll around. Staple designers such as Tom Ford, Gucci, Alexander Wang, Tommy Hilfiger, Balmain and more are a given to steal the show with their new collections, each trying to fight for a spot on critic review “Top 10 runway Shows” lists.

But these weeks aren’t all about the designers or collections that are known worldwide. It’s about the newcomers who bring it all to the table, those who strut down the runway with such ease that audiences can’t help but need to learn that ‘no-name’ models name; that designer who has the most unique collection and stays a hot topic of conversation for weeks.

Fashion Week is about recognizing new trends and applauding industry rookies for their ever so noticeable hard work. Or vice versa, of course.

After speaking with a local Nordstrom employee who had the privilege to travel to New York and attend fashion week, I got the inside scoop on some of this season’s (and next season’s) hot trends, and an overall outlook of NYFW.

“Leaping” into the fun-filled week of events in New York.

“Being in the city [New York] during this week is an experience itself,” said Carly Dockery, an associate at the Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue. “There are stars roaming the streets followed by hundreds of paparazzi running up and down the city blocks just aiming to catch the perfect shot of a celeb. It’s quite enticing honestly, just to be around it all. But actually being able to sit in a show and view the fathomed collections is honestly a once in a lifetime experience for someone “average” like myself.” She continues, “Street style is personally my favorite thing to see. Its cool to see all of the youth indulge in fashion culture, giving their outfits their own flare of personality.”

“Street Fashion” is a contemporary culture of clothing that is inspired by avant-garde or “offbeat” looks.
Dockery said that stripes, ruffles, and large-earrings were common throughout the various collections she was able to view. According to, “Velvet, Logos, and Rounded Shoulders” were three of the “Top 10” trends saw widespread across the week long extravaganza in New York.

So why do there have to be separate fashion weeks in different cities?

Street style keeps the fashion game interesting.

Let’s take London and New York for example. London FW and New York FW vary in styles completely. The looks that are shown in New York flaunt a classic American aesthetic, give or take a few edgy designers. In previous years garments shown on the runway were heavily desired by consumers, but most of the time were unavailable for retail. In 2016, designers began to transition from “Runway Only” pieces to “See now, Buy now” collections. This way if customers see something they liked on the runway chances are that piece, or one similar, would pop up in that designers store shortly following the original runway debut.

London, however, presents the type of fashion that would gain you an odd or confused look from just about everyone passing by you; it is extremely “AvantGarde”esque.

Pughs’ Spring/Summer 2017 collection.

The pieces shown throughout London’s fashion week are strictly for viewing, and not wearing.

A look from Pughs’ runway show during London Fashion week.

Gareth Pugh, a popular European designer who has been known to customize outfits for some of America’s most “fashion risk taking” pop stars such as Rihanna and Lady Gaga, managed to snag a headlining spot on Saturday of London fashion week with his undoubtedly interestingly styled collection. His pieces are said to be  “wearable sculptures – experimental forms, volumes and fabrics are all signature to his aesthetic.” (

Milan fashion week wrapped up its exciting events Monday, September 26th. In the fashion capital of Italy, designers like Prada, Moschino, Versace, Missoni, and many other globally known labels presented looks that made designer shopaholics everywhere drool; to say the least, the clothes were TO DIE FOR. Now, that’s not to say collections shown throughout New York and London week’s weren’t as ‘swoon’ worthy, but what girl hasn’t dreamed of having the perfect Prada bag with matching pumps? Exactly. 😉

Showing off Balmains’ Spring 2017 collection, Gigi Hadid show cases a burnt-orange elaborate jumper, in Paris September 29th.
Kendall Jenner walks for Alexander Wang in New York.

As the weeks come to a close performances of models and the jaw-dropping collections’ shown hinder to be forgotten throughout the upcoming months. “Hot topic” models such as the Hadid sisters and Kendall Jenner are expected to shine bright during the month of September by strutting down the catwalk in some of the most well-know designers’ clothing. Others, such as male models Sam Worthen and Sheani Gist, debuted their high fashion career by walking down the runway for Alexander Wang; you could definitely say they caught their lucky break early on.

Paris will close out the month long of events on October 5th. Featuring shows from Saint Laurent, Chloé, Lanvin and more, this finale of fashion is surely to impress.


Bella Hadid struts down the runway in London.
Bella Hadid struts down the runway in London.