IS THIS YORK? (TIY’s new satire section): Friday the 13th causes chaos among students


To the superstitious, Friday the 13th is a terrifying prospect. There’s actually a term for those who share the common fear of this dreadful day: friggatriskaidekaphobia. As days on the calendar pass by, the fear that comes with the tragedies this unlucky day shake many to the core. Is This York? talked with students to hear about the supernatural occurrences of their Fridays to see if there’s any truth behind the myth.

“I was writing an assignment for English and my pencil broke. Freaking Friday the 13th – only ghosts would have the power to snap the graphite of my pencil like that. The ghosts are everywhere and we’re not safe anymore. Thank goodness it’s only one day or else we’d be toast.” – Erin Lee, sophomore
“The water fountain is haunted. There’s this mysterious puddle forming and we have no idea how it got there. It’s only happened today so… The myths behind Friday the 13th must be true.” – Student chose to withhold identity so as to not provoke the water fountain.
“Olivia’s a ghost! You couldn’t see her in band.” “Sam you’re an idiot. I was literally in band.” – Sam Griffin, junior and Olivia Braun, junior.
“The phone rang and nobody was on the other side.” – Andrew Hilgendorf, junior
“All the spooky vibes from Friday the 13th are making me levitate. Can’t do it any other day.” – Maya Moran, junior
“Friday the 13th is true because today is definitely scary and awful. I walked into the band room this morning and no one was there and the lights started flickering so I ran out of there.” – Emma Rogers, freshman
“Chuck quit piano class when he was seven so we think he’s possessed.” – Olivia Braun, junior (photo features Chuck Miller, junior)

Given the spooky happenings many students have experienced, Is This York? warns students and urges them to prepare themselves for the next Friday the 13th, April 13. You never know what to expect.


****Is This York? is the York-hi’s newly added satire column.***