Bachelor Recap: “It’s so Italian!”

Hey Bachelor lovers, we are in Tuscany! Hometowns are only one short week away, so hold on to your hats! This week there were three one-on-one dates and a group date, with roses up for grabs at each. The winners will go on to the Hometown Dates and the losers will be sent home, so the stakes are high—if you actually want to introduce Arie to your family, that is.

The first one-on-one goes to Becca K (remember her? We haven’t seen her since the very first one-on-one). She and Arie drive down winding roads lined by beautiful olive trees to Barga, a picturesque little town that they’ve apparently cleared out just for The Bachelor. Arie says he chose Becca for this date because after their first one-on-one about 12 years ago, their relationship has been “stuck,” and he wants to “see if there can be romance” for them.

Arie and Becca take a ride in the scenic Italian country-side

Back at the hotel, Jacqueline is emotional about…something? She says a lot of vague things, but the main takeaway is that she can’t visualize what “conversations” Arie and her parents would have on a Hometown Date. I mean, if she’s seeing red flags, might as well leave before getting the family involved, right?

Ok now back to the date, at dinner that night Becca tells Arie she’s falling for him. They kiss and clutch at each other’s faces in way that’s supposed to be romantic but instead makes me feel claustrophobic. He gives her the rose, which means she’s going to have a Hometown Date. “He’s comin’ to Minnesota!” says Becca, ecstatic. “To get the first rose for hometowns, I’m beyond happy.”

Afterwards, the Jacqueline drama is not over, though, she tells Arie at his hotel room, “I’m worried I’m going to end up in Scottsdale with you, married, and wonder like, ‘How did I get here?’” Though the Bachelor tries to change her mind (“I don’t want this to be over,” he whispers), Jacqueline stays strong(ish) and sloooowly extracts herself from his room. Then, after all of this second- guessing, she makes out with him. Not just a goodbye peck—this was a full-on, weirdly intense kiss. Afterwards she breaks down crying in the hallway, which feels like an overreaction for a guy you’ve technically only had one solo date with. She immediately starts beating herself up about the decision to leave, saying Arie is “perfect in every way” (incorrect). Finally, a tearful Jacqueline makes her way to the Reject SUV.

Jacqueline doubts her relationship with the Bachelor and ultimately decides to send herself home

The next morning, Lauren B gets ready for her on-on-one. Wait didn’t she have one last week? Yes, yes she did. Anyhow, they meet in Luca for a bike ride and gelato. “It’s very Italian,” says Lauren of the quaint town. And that’s about the only thing she says for a while… which makes the Bachelor nervous. After walking and not talking, the pair sits down for a pizza. How very Italian, right Lauren? Some cute kids kick a ball nearby, so Arie decides they should join their game. The kids 100% did not ask for this, so it must be Arie’s way of avoiding awkward non-convos with Lauren.

Lauren and Arie join a children’s soccer game without asking

That night, Lauren tells Arie she’s starting to fall in love with him. He responds with a deep sigh and then immediately gets up from the table. Yikes. Lauren sheds exactly two tears while Arie paces around in the dark by himself. When he returns, he reveals he’s falling “so deeply” for her that it’s “crazy.” So, why did he leave? I’m just so confused by his reaction! They have not talked all day! They have no chemistry! What is going on?! He gives her the rose, I’m still confused – let’s move on.

“It’s so… Italian” – Lauren’s thoughts on Italy

The next day, Seinne and Arie meet up with a delightful truffle hunter and his two fluffy dogs for their date. What fun! In case you were wondering how Team Bachelor was going to make a relationship metaphor out of digging through the dirt for expensive fungus, allow Arie to answer that for you: “I do dig Seinne…. but can I dig deep enough?” Please excuse me while I go set myself on fire.

The delightful truffle hunter even invites them to his home to meet his delightful truffle-eating family. They cook homemade pasta and grill Seinne about love. It’s charming. If I were Seinne, I would tell Arie to leave me there. Imagine living in the Tuscan countryside with cute dogs, a happy Italian family, and an endless supply of wood-fire pizza. The ultimate dream!

Seinne and Arie make a pizza with the truffle hunter’s truffle eating family

That evening, though, something seems off between Seinne and Arie. She basically confesses that when she’s not with Arie she’s not really thinking about him—but today’s date changed that for her. Uh huh, sure. Things between Arie and Seinne get a little awkwardly quiet, and thats when he picks up the rose. “Even though we had an amazing day, and there’s a connection there, something’s off,” Arie tells us. Oh, and he’s sending Seinne home? Rude.

Group Date
Arie meets Kendall, Bekah, and Tia at Villa Royale, a sprawling estate that once belonged to Napoleon’s sister. Because Seinne went home, Arie has two roses to hand out on this date, so use your time wisely, ladies! First up is Kendall, who informs Arie that she wouldn’t want to be in a long-distance relationship, so if he picked her she’d probably move to Scottsdale. (“I just want to, like, be around you.”)

Tia, who is annoyed by baby Bekah’s “lack of seriousness” about this televised husband hunt, decides it’s her “duty” to tell Arie not to pick her. Bekah does not handle it well. She runs into Arie’s arms, sobbing about mean old Tia and her mean old opinions.

“Okay, so it’s a two-on-one now,” drawls Tia grimly. Yes, Kendall received the first date rose, so now she gets to go home and await next week’s Hometowns. As for Tia and Bekah, it’s time to get gussied up and go have an awkward three-person dinner. Tia wants Arie to know that her “love” for him grows deeper every time they see each other. Bekah wants Arie to know that she’s falling for him, and that she has “faith” in their relationship. So which sales pitch did the Bachelor buy?

Arie makes a tough decision on the last group date

Tia. That means Bekah is leaving, but she handles it well. “It’s OK,” she tells Arie on her way to the waiting car. “It’s gonna end well for you, I know it is.” Dont worry little Bekah, you’re young, you’ll have plenty of time to be disappointed in your life.

Baby Bekah has a tearful departure

Well rose lovers, we have our final four! Next week: Kendall shows off her taxidermy! And angry dads threaten to kill Arie!