Learning commons implements stress relieving activities

Murphy McFarlane


Photo by Murphy McFarlane

The Learning Commons features a new board game area for students to take a break and de-stress

Muphy McFarlane, Multimedia Editor

With all the major changes around the C Building, students may overlook the small improvements implemented to enhance life at York. This year, the Learning Commons is offering a multitude of outlets for students to destress including a new board game area and even access to oculus virtual reality headsets.

“High school is a very busy time, and I think it’s important students carve out time just to have fun.” Drumm said.

The new board game area, located just outside the Ellis room of the LC, is intended for students to utilize if they need a break. Students can play any of the games in the LC, or they can check them out for up to three days. 

“The board game area is nice because it can be used to help kids destress after tests or quizzes” junior Emily Fleckinstein said.

In addition, the Learning Commons also acquired a number of Oculus Quests headsets, which was only released in May.

“Students can do mostly experience fun things like roller coasters, playing tennis, or fishing,” Drumm said. “Eventually the educational games will be developed as well.”