Students produce an original podcast “In the Halls”


Nathan Lee, Jackson Hall and Morgan Czarnecki gather to film a new episode of “In The Halls” Featuring Andrew Brooks.

ThisIsYork Introduces “In the Halls”, a new podcast regarding many different topics. Seniors Nathan Lee, Jackson Hall and Morgan Czarnecki co-host “In the Halls” and they get together to discuss various topics including the English language and York homecoming traditions. The podcast network also features Duke cast episodes which feature Dr. Bagdasarian interviewing another staff member and keeping the students and parents of York updated. The Duke Cast episodes feature the same information as the weekly newsletter. 

“I always wanted to get into journalism classes but I never had the space in my schedule,” Lee said. “In my senior year, I was able to join the journalism and media club. When I noticed there was no podcast,  I thought I could fill that void and make my own.” 

The release of the podcast brought opportunities for York students to get more creative about media production. It also allowed Dr Bagdasian to reach a wider audience regarding new events going on in District 205.  

“Dr. Bagdasian is always thinking of creative ways to reach out to the community and make sure communications are reaching everybody,” Brendan Chambers, broadcast communications teacher said.  “He sends an email on Friday’s to the whole community. Then, they decided let’s make a podcast every other week so people who don’t like reading the email can listen to it” 

This podcast is able to reach people who don’t have the time to read the weekly newsletters. It’s able to accommodate more people by using a different form of media. It spreads the information further than before while entertaining the audience.  

“I love it and think it’s a great way that we’re using different types of media to get out to York students and parents,” Junior Kathryn Castonili said. 

As for the “In the Halls” episodes, the podcast brings different perspectives to the table as well as comedy and interesting topics. The podcast’s freedom of a script makes for a unique and entertaining show. 

“We never really go into it [the podcast] with a plan, we just talk about stuff and have a good time, you guys should definitely go check it out”, Small said.