The 2022 Oscars Were Rocked by Chris Rock and Will Smith



Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on stage at the 2022 Oscars

Many people have seen or heard the event that took the 2022 Oscars by storm: Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage because of a joke Rock made about Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Many students and people have different opinions on the situation varying who was in the right or wrong, and whether the slap was too violent or not.

“I think it was a very dramatic experience at such an event, it wasn’t the right time or place and I think [Smith and Rock] were both in the wrong, ” junior Ariana Fraser said.

 Incase you were unaware, the joke Rock made was about Pinkett’s bald head while Pinkett has been claiming to have alopecia which leads to involuntary hair loss. While the subject of matter has begun to die down, a video of Pinkett showing an alopecia scar of her’s has begun to circulate which has many plastic surgeons and students at York questioning if Pinkett has been lying about her disorder.

“I can’t really tell if Jada is faking it because I need more info.but I think Will took it too far and he should’ve tweeted about it later not slap him right there,” sophomore Lucas Bare said.

Not only has the slap seemingly been excessive and possibly pointless, Will Smith has also been banned from the Oscars for ten years because of it. Critics, fans, and even people who don’t really care about the event have stated their opinion, such as sophomore Ria Sangha.

“I think ten years is excessive, but I also don’t think Will should’ve resorted to violence. If someone did something like that here though they would probably just be suspended,” Sangha said.